Call of Duty Mobile Free CP

Some players in Call of Duty Mobile sometimes get confused about earning CP Points in CODM. Sometimes, they want to search on google to find our like:”How do you get free COD Mobile points?” “Can you get free CP in cod mobile?” Of course, you can earn free points in CODM, if you want to find the answer, just follow our step.

How to get COD Mobile Credits?

Credits are the main resource you’ll earn in Call of Duty: Mobile. With credits, you can purchase new guns, gun upgrades, name change tokens, or take your chance with a loot crate. Personally, I don’t think the loot crates are worth it — just save your cash for the weapons you absolutely want and buy those.

Credits are much easier to acquire, and most Call of Duty: Mobile players will be able to obtain them throughout the course of their time with the game. To put it simply, earning Call of Duty: Mobile Credits involves playing lots of games. That means you can either play the competitive multiplayer mode, the zombies mode, or the battle royale mode, as well as any other gameplay mode the developers add in the future. Playing well in these modes will net you Credits, so if you’re skilled at the game then you can quickly earn Credits to spend on whatever upgrades you’d like.

How do I get free COD Points on Call of Duty: Mobile?

COD Points are much easier to acquire, but they will need you to spend real-world money in order to obtain them. The easiest way to earn COD Mobile Points through gameplay is by purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass, which will set you back 800 CP. When levelling up the Battle Pass, you’ll eventually earn up to 800 CP (at tier 93), which is enough to purchase next season’s Battle Pass. Throughout the Battle Pass’ progression you’ll earn various rewards, and you can choose to spend these COD Points on items available in store or save them for next season’s Pass.